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The next Xbox is coming soon.

Microsoft has published a job offer , confirming that his intention was that the new Xbox launch in the next 18 months. The company has confirmed that the next generation of your gaming console will arrive as maximum in early 2014.

The last months have been hit with rumours about the possible release of a new Xbox. Until now it was leaks and rumors, unless there is an official announcement or comment of the company. However these days, there were comments already confirmed the existence of a new Microsoft Xbox.

In an interview, the one of the directors of the company, already mentioned, in passing, the new Xbox, without going into details about its features or launch provides. The fact that the company has already mentioned the new generation of your console to generate a wave of rumours and speculation about the date of presentation. However, finally it was a confusion, because the Director, he referred to the current Xbox 360 fall update.

Now, which mentions the new Microsoft Xbox and facilitates the expression to be launched. In this case, the information comes from a job offer published by company Microsoft Carrer.

In the offer, you can read: in the next eighteen months Microsoft will launch new versions of all of our most important products, including Windows (client, server, telephone and azure), Office and Xbox, and new products such as the Microsoft Surface.

In this way, it would be between versions of Xbox Microsoft prepares for the next 18 months. Some of these products have already been announced, and have the release date, as is the case of Windows 8 or Surface. However, others as Xbox still not have been announced.

The fact that the company openly speaks of a new Xbox could mean that its release would be closer to that expected, although the message displayed, any Microsoft has a range of 18 months. It is a further signal that Redmond already provide the announcement and the release of its new console, which may be in one of the upcoming video game shows.

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