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how to reset your xbox 360 back to factory settings.

The need to restore the default factory settings of the Microsoft Xbox 360 may arise due to many reasons. It is possible to reset the Microsoft Xbox 360 video gaming console in a few simple steps. The gaming console should not have any video games CD in its drive when it is being reset. The [...]

Xbox 360 Slim Red Light Error

Microsoft’s new, slim Xbox 360 not only ditches the Red Ring of Death, the console monitors itself to determine if it’s starting to overheat. The new Xbox 360 constantly evaluates itself for overheating issues. If the console doesn’t get as much ventilation as it needs to operate properly, a red light is displayed in the [...]

Xbox 360 disassembly and repair guide

  Microsoft xbox 360 red light of death disassembly and repair guide. Xbox360 with 3 red light. This is the most common problem with the Xbox360. Your system will show 3 rig lights on the power button and nothing on the TV. This is also know as : Red ring of death 2 red rings [...]

Nintendo 64

Detailed item info Powered by the MIPS 64-bit RISC processor, the Nintendo 64 game console delivers a splendid gaming performance with speed and efficiency. Gaming is more exciting and thrilling, thanks to the equipped SGI 62.5 MHz 64-bit RCP graphic processor of this Nintendo video game that ensures immersive visual clarity. For the ultimate gaming [...]

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