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Next-gen game consoles are quantum leap over Xbox360 and Sony PS3

Remedy, a gaming development house with a small team assigned to a next-gen game, has stepped forward to say that next generation consoles are considered to be a ‘quantum leap’ over the Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3, leaving us to wonder just how much more delicious the graphics will be by the time the next generation consoles arrive in the market. Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment, as mentioned earlier, are already working on a next-generation title, although as to which camp that title is headed to remains to be seen.

Remedy Entertainment’s head of franchise development Oskari Hakkinen also did ask the question, “One wonders all the time, can the new consoles really be that much better than the previous? Rest assured: they are, it is a quantum leap.” Just how much of a quantum leap will it be? Can visuals really be that eye popping, and will they take a back seat to classic gameplay mechanics that made video games so fun to play in the first place?

Sony and Microsoft have not announced an iota of their plans for next-generation consoles, if any even. Guess it will be the Wii U flying the next generation console flag for the moment, where it targets more on the gameplay experience than graphical prowess.

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