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How to Safely Install a Larger Hard Drive in Your Xbox.

If you own Xbox you have probably noticed they came with a rather small hard disk  drive installed.  Of course if you’re like many gamers you want more hard disk space so  that you can save even more games.  The Xbox can easily be equipped with a new hard  drive, and who wouldn’t like a 120GB hard drive that would allow you to save more  games.

Of course the first thing you are going to do when it opened up your Xbox or Xbox 360  case is void your factory warranty.  So before we get started I just wanted to warn you  that the simple act of opening your Xbox case will mandate you can no longer have your  Xbox under warranty if something should go wrong.  So you should consider yourself  warned.

Okay now that the obligatory warning is over, you probably want to get on with adding  that bigger drive to your Xbox or Xbox 360.  So let’s begin.  I will break this down into  several parts to make it easier to follow.  But don’t worry; it is a fairly easy process once  you get past the fear of breaking the warranty seal on your Xbox.

Step Number One – You Must Save Your Files Before you can install that bigger hard drive into your Xbox 360 you must save critical files before you begin. The best way to accomplish this is to use an alternative dashboard such as EvolutionX to save the system’s setup files. After you saved that is critical files you’ll need to copy both the C drive and the E drive to your computer’s desktop.

Step Number Two – Making The Boot CD You will need to visit the web site of EvolutionX to get a copy of this alternate Xbox  dashboard so that you can create a boot CD.  You don’t have to worry, because there is  plenty of detailed information on the web site about creating this CD using EvolutionX.

Step Number Three – Replacing the Hard Drive Now it’s time to pop open that Xbox case and replace its hard disk drive.  Make sure that  the 2 Disk Dr. that you are putting into the Xbox is preset to the setting off “cable select”.  Then you’ll need to ensure that the hard disk wires are properly connected.  Be certain  that you take your old hard drive and put it way somewhere safe and dry for you never  know when you will need it as a backup, or a case you just want to put your Xbox back  the way it was from the factory.

Step Four – Install the CD Now it is time for you to install that CD you created up in Step Number Two.  If for some  reason things go work out like it should have it could be a simple error that repeating  Step Two my easily solve.

Step Number Five – Transferring C and E if step number four is completed successfully you are just a simple click away to the  installation of the new drive.  After the installation has completed, you’ll need to re-upload drive C and drive E which you saved earlier onto your computer’s desktop.

the only thing that is left to do now is to make the need changes which will allow your  Xbox 360 to accept the newly uploaded drive C. Once you have this successfully  accomplished, you are done.  Enjoy your newer, bigger hard drive.

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