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Adding a fan to help cool your Xbox 360.

The GPU in the Xbox 360 produces a lot of heat and there’s no fan on the heatsink to cool it down. Eventually the unit get overheated and gives the red ring of death.  Adding a fan to the heatsink will help cool it down to avoid getting overheated. Adding a fan to the xbox [...]

How to Safely Install a Larger Hard Drive in Your Xbox.

If you own Xbox you have probably noticed they came with a rather small hard disk  drive installed.  Of course if you’re like many gamers you want more hard disk space so  that you can save even more games.  The Xbox can easily be equipped with a new hard  drive, and who wouldn’t like a [...]

E74 error appears when you use your Xbox 360 console.

Your TV or monitor displays the following error message in multiple languages: E74. System Error. Contact Xbox Customer Support. This problem occurs when the Xbox 360 console experiences a hardware failure. Usually the GPU is the cause. You can use the red ring of death repair method to fixe the E74 error as well.  

How to Install, play, or delete a game on your Xbox 360 hard drive.

To install a game on your hard drive Insert the game disc into the disc drive. NoteAfter you insert the disc, the default option is to automatically start the game. If this happens, exit the game and return to the Xbox Dashboard. From the Home hub, Select the game in the drive tray and press [...]

To play this disc put it in an Xbox 360 console – fix

When you try to use a  disc in your Xbox 360 console, you receive the following error message: To play this disc please put it in an Xbox 360 console. This problem occurs because the console cannot read the disc correctly. This problem may occur for any of the following reasons: The disc is dirty [...]

Xbox 360 Slim System Error 68

1. Turn Xbox 360 off. 2. Remove the hard drive from the unit. 3. Turn unit on for 10 second then remove the AV cable from the unit. 4. Now put the hard drive back on. 5. Put the AV cable back on.  

How to reset Xbox 360 display settings.

First of all you must remove all disc from your console. Tested with a single gamepad. Turn off your device. The turn it on using your gampad.Press and hold the Guide button until it turns on. While the device is booting, press and hold the Y button + right trigger. The Xbox 360 logo will [...]

how to reset your xbox 360 back to factory settings.

The need to restore the default factory settings of the Microsoft Xbox 360 may arise due to many reasons. It is possible to reset the Microsoft Xbox 360 video gaming console in a few simple steps. The gaming console should not have any video games CD in its drive when it is being reset. The [...]

Xbox 360 Slim Red Light Error

Microsoft’s new, slim Xbox 360 not only ditches the Red Ring of Death, the console monitors itself to determine if it’s starting to overheat. The new Xbox 360 constantly evaluates itself for overheating issues. If the console doesn’t get as much ventilation as it needs to operate properly, a red light is displayed in the [...]

Xbox 360 disassembly and repair guide

  Microsoft xbox 360 red light of death disassembly and repair guide. Xbox360 with 3 red light. This is the most common problem with the Xbox360. Your system will show 3 rig lights on the power button and nothing on the TV. This is also know as : Red ring of death 2 red rings [...]