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Adding a fan to help cool your Xbox 360.

The GPU in the Xbox 360 produces a lot of heat and there’s no fan on the heatsink to cool it down. Eventually the unit get overheated and gives the red ring of death.  Adding a fan to the heatsink will help cool it down to avoid getting overheated.

Adding a fan to the xbox 360 is very easy and works very well in cooling the GPU heatsink. The fan is a little louder then normal but once you got the DVD drive running all you’ll hear is the noise coming from the DVD drive. You will not notice the extra fan at all.

All you need is a 5v cooling fan. Screw it to the heatsink. Make sure the fan blows at the heatsink not just to help air flow. I found this fan from an broken laptop. It’s a 5 volt cpu cooling fan.

Connecting the fan to the xbox 360 is very easy. You will find a 5 volt source right under the heatsink. You can connect to any part of the case for grounding. I chose to use the top of the port where you plug in the power button borad instead of a spot on the case. That way the fan can stay on when you take out the board. Most computer cooling fan have 3 wires, Black, Red, and Yellow. Just connect the black wire to the ground and the red to the power source. The yellow cable is not used in this case.

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